Philadelphia Artist Captures the Spirit of CommUnity and “Active” Progressive Space

Philadelphia, PA, July 9, 2016Art’s emotional impact can be an extraordinary thing—especially when it sneaks up on you. That is the conclusion of a team of Bernie Sanders supporters organizing a series of events and marches during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) later this month.

When a painting entitled “Philadelphia Skyline” appeared during a Philly.FYI, Inc. recent social media search, Creativity Director Rachel Delgado-Simmons’ reaction drew the attention of the entire group. “In the middle of a strategy meeting, they felt the excitement,” Delgado-Simmons said, “And one by one they came over to have a look. Within minutes the room was buzzing.  We knew we had found the embodiment of Philly.FYI in paint on canvas.”

“Philadelphia Skyline” is the work of Britt Miller, an area artist who specializes in capturing life in Philadelphia. Inspired by the city’s unique neighborhoods, people, and cultural diversity, Miller employs a “painterly” style notable for its vibrant colors and visible brushstrokes. In the painting the Philly.FYI staff have adopted as their banner this distinctive style pays tribute to an iconic cityscape.

In addition to helping mobilize, transport, and house an estimated 50,000+ politically-engaged Americans and grassroots organizations who will descend on Philadelphia for more than a dozen public events and marches during the convention from July 24–28, Delgado-Simmons said that Philly.FYI, Inc. is on a mission to bring attention to the city’s dynamic artistic, cultural, and entrepreneurial gifts. Artist Miller said she feels honored to have her painting chosen as the group’s emblem during what she called an “incredibly important and historic election.” She said, “Kudos to Philly.FYI for reaching out to me and to their desire to involve local artists in the community and engage them in the urgent issues facing our country.” Furthermore, Miller added, “I think it’s great!”

Miller’s work resonates with the style of Impressionist artists who famously painted the same subject matter repeatedly using different techniques and colors—experiments in capturing specific moments in time. Similarly, “Philadelphia Skyline”, with its strong use of warm colors, is part of a series created by Miller. Her series uses techniques and various color palettes, ranging from ochres and mints to rich combinations of cobalt/purples or cerulean blue/red-oranges, thus creating distinct images of the same cityscape. “The appeal of “Philadelphia Skyline”, according to Delgado-Simmons “is the way it captures a morning sunrise in the City. It represents a new day, a beginning—something fresh, something active.” “Furthermore,” claims Delgado-Simmons, “it is similar to capturing moments in time that will unfold during the DNC which will be historic and truly memorable.”

Britt Miller is represented by Bluestone Fine Art Gallery in Philadelphia and has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions throughout the area. She is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and Temple University. To learn more about Miller and view her gallery online visit:

 For more information about PhillyFYI, Inc., the group who has developed a centralized hub for information about events, visit: and Facebook at:

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