FREE - in the Mail

To receive 50 beautiful
business cards (free) by mail -
Email us: your name,
address, city, state, zip.
Bernie groups and/or
very enthusiastic Bernie supporters
may request large KITS (photo below):
100's of cards, tape, staplers,
business card racks/holders.
The (free) kits are more expensive, so
please only request one if you'll
setup displays and utilize them.
When you email, please indicate if
you'd like 50 cards, or the bigger kit. 
The cards help inform people
all over America to come to
Philadelphia, and make history.
(cards/kits arrive in 2-7 days)
Email/card requests are pouring in
from every corner of America.
Please join this hurricane, 
and inform people in your city.
(CARD - front)
(CARD - back)
PHOTOS - Kit / Card display
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