News Flashes

Press Conference to support Nina Turner
Susan Sarandan, YahNe Ndgo, Josh Fox
Danny Glover, Rosario Dawson

Loses credentials for exposing corruption.


Day 2 - Bernie delegate inside the DNC.
Citizens Media TV is always inside.
 People began crying even before Bernie started his speech.  The standing ovation lasted three minutes - the longest by far of the convention.    
Have a cry as you watch it again.

Another DIRTY TRICK by the Democratic Party - roll call has been aborted/subverted - listen to the whole 2-3 mins. DNC must stop treating Bernie delegates like dirt - we are not outliers - we are 46% of America.

Nina Turner @ The People's Convention

Clinton Cash film/trailer - the most corrupt cash/politics machine in history.
Bernie delegates arriving at airport.
A list of ALL delegates, ranked by need.
Please donate - many are working class.
@ The People's Convention
Kai got inside DNC Rules Committee
Abolish super delegates - defeated
Still may got to Convention floor, win.
Saturday, July 23rd
Direct action - by Democracy Spring
Saturday, July 23rd
Kshama Sawant video - 1 million views.
This activist wants Bernie Sanders to cause a "political earthquake" by running as a third party candidate.
Nina Turner - All of Us Together
Fantastic VIDEO - 
(doesn't work on some browsers)
We Are Inevitable.
We Are The World
Bernie's post-Philly strategy will
be to start a nationwide movement.
Philly.FYI top staff just finished meeting with the City of Philadelphia, our regular Wednesday meeting. Gary, Dicky, Mark, Rachel, Billy, and Bruce Carter, founder of Black Men for Bernie.  Heads of Police, Fire, DHS, and many departments are normally present, usually about 20-25 people total. Our joint commitment is to peace, safety, and excellence - for citizens, Bernie supporters, and the city.
Philly.FYI is now on
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.
(feel free to "talk" with us)
Philly.FYI co-founder Gary Frazier
with Jill Stein, Green Party leader.
One way or another, we WILL get our democracy.
Nina Turner speaks at The People's Summit.
People's Summit - the largest gathering of our people - now, all weekend.
Grassroots - FDR Park, March on DNC
#BernieOrBust is big - and coming to Philly.
of Gary Frazier, co-executive director, raw and uncut.
Marches/rally article, June 12th:
POLL, June 11th:
  Interview - w/ our executive directors
 Morning Call article, July 24th rally:
The Young Turks - "Going to Philly"
Philadelphia denies PPEHRC permit for march by Cheri Honkala group, March for our Lives.
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