Petition: The Democratic Party We Deserve

We, the undersigned average citizens are dedicated members of the Democratic Party, and we are concerned that the “Party of the People” has lost its way. The average voter must now struggle in order to influence, or even be heard by, this "Party of the people." The issues we have experienced during this primary season include:
  • the media intimidating the public with super delegates, who do not cast their vote until late July,
  • voters being purged from voter registration rolls en masse, 
  • the majority of polling locations being closed in multiple states, and
  • voters waiting many hours in line, only to be told they cannot exercise their most fundamental right because their party has incorrectly changed.

But the larger concern is how our political process is devolving into an oligarchy. According to a 2014 Princeton University Study (Gilens and Page), while the bottom ninety-percent of Americans have "only a minuscule, near zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy," the wealthiest Americans have total veto power over undesirable legislation, and more than double the influence to get desired legislation passed by Congress--regardless if controlled by Democrats or Republicans.

Fortunately, this inequality has been met by a tremendous new democratic spirit. Record numbers of new Democrats, both young and old, are participating through voting, canvassing, phone-banking, attending rallies and peaceful demonstrations, and lending support in many other ways. This participation is happening both “on the ground” and on social media.

We feel strongly that the Democratic Party is only as vital as its foundation, and ours is one that sorely needs re-building. We are dedicated to working with you through constructive means. Were this petition accepted, it would serve to open the door to the masses of people; those who are galvanized and ready to energize our Party, and to solve the myriad of problems which confront our nation.

We, the undersigned average voters, appreciate all that you have done for our democratic process and look forward to your good-faith negotiations. However, failure of the DNC to accommodate these demands does risk consequences, such as a large decline in the number of registered Democrats.

"For more than 200 years, our party has led the fight for civil rights, health care, Social Security, workers' rights, and women's rights. We are the party of Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, FDR, and the countless everyday Americans who work each day to build a more perfect union. Take a look at some of our accomplishments, and you'll see why we're proud to be Democrats."

-- The "History" section of the Democratic National Committee, downloaded 6/2/2016

Our Demands

  • Deborah Wasserman Schultz must resign, and her successors must be chosen by popular vote.
  • Require that superdelegates conform to the popular vote in their state.
  • Create national standards for the location, staffing, and accessibility of polling stations, and the types of voting machines permitted in them; always require exit polling; and forbid the certification of results when they substantially differ from exit polling, or until the full resolution of irregularities and disenfranchisement.
  • Elected representatives, whether a member of the House or the Senate, shall be prohibited from participating in, or exercising their vote on, any issue for which they have received a campaign contribution of $1,000.00 or more.
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