Police Terrorism & State Repression
July 26th, 2pm - July 28th, 6pm
Broad & Diamond St.   REALjustice
Main Stage - FDR Park, 1pm, Tues
Theater event - Main Stage, 3
July 26th, Tues, 1-8pm
PA Convention Center, 1101 Arch St.
Cities across America,
Rachel Delgado-Simmons, PhD
Creativity Director, Media Director
Artist, author, cultural anthropologist. Organizer in cultural commerce Ed E
and social entrepreneurship. Award-winning Smithsonian exhibit
for traditional crafts for indigenous folk artisans in Asia, Africa, Latin, Native America. Collaborator with NGOs, Fair Trade groups, women and farmers cooperatives. Co-Manager, NJ Bernie Sanders Campaign Office-Pemberton HQ.
Steven Mark Georgia, Chief of Staff
Businessman, 30 years
Jesse Jackson, NJ manager, '84-'88
Washington Georgia, mayoral/manager
Bernie super-volunteer 2016
Jeff Epstein
Senior Director,
Jeff is one of only 40 Berniecrats in America to be personally endorsed by Bernie Sanders, and has been selected by the campaign to be a DNC delegate for the State of New Jersey. Jeff has been a super-volunteer since November, highlighted by traveling to South Carolina for five days and Ohio for nine days.
Jordan Fawcett
Co-Founder, Philly Awakening
Co-Founder, Consurge
Activist, business owner
No voice too quiet to be heard.
Lily Starling
Event Coordinator
3rd Generation Activist, Farmer
Writer, Small Business Owner
Rhonda Walker
Mother. Auntie. Activist. Coach.
Co-Founder, Philly Awakening.
Believes everyone deserves a voice.
Serena Lowry
Lead organizer of
civil disobedience instructors/training.
Activist, organizer, feminist, gamer.
Committed to justice, nobility,
making the system include, lift all people.

John B. Bryans
Communications Advisor, media
Award-winning publisher whose passion is elevating worthy stories and voices above the drone of vainglorious blather.
(media requests)
Emily O'Connor, Office Network Hub
Chief Liaison to the Executive
(media requests)
July 24th, 9pm - July 29th, 3am
Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St.
Gary C. Frazier, Jr,
The Immovable Force
Co-Executive, Founder
CEO/founder, Save Camden Public Schools, a grassroots organization that works tirelessly w/ Camden Education Association, NJEA and SosNj, as a volunteer organizer to stop the layoff of Educators and Public Schools from being closed.  CEO/Founder, The Camden Comeback & We Are Camden - both grassroots organizations that educate residents on what affects them as citizens. Numerous trips to Washington DC testifying before State/National representatives for Camden residents. Helped lead the charge against the dismantling of the Camden City Police department, now County Metro Police. The NJ Supreme Court ruled unanimously for Camden residents’ right to decide who polices them.
Marched with allies (3 days) from Camden to Trenton with Allies for Ex-offenders right to vote while on parole/probation, and successfully forced the Ban the Box campaign - eliminating that on applications for employment. Lead organizer, Black Men for Bernie. Philly.FYI is his newest and largest movement to date. Age, 40.

Amanda MacillMurray, Political Liaison
DNC delegate for the 1st Congressional District of Pennsylvania and a  former Sanders staffer.  Has dedicated her life to fighting injustice and inequity. A long-time grassroots activist and Philadelphia resident. Committed to a political revolution transforming American history to a nation that works for all people, not just the few.
Dan Curcio, Coalition Coordinator
Founder of Equality Coalition for Bernie Sanders which focuses on Activism, Advocacy, Outreach, and Education - helping others to move forward with the tools to grow.
A former United States Marine, educated in communications, public health and seminary. A longtime Philly resident and activist/advocate, having won a federal LGBT discrimination lawsuit with the school district.
Bernstock Summit for a New Democracy 
a "woodstock" for music, love, democracy
Rickey Farm, 442 Route 94
Vernon, NJ  07462
July 29th, noon - July 31st, 3pm
(immediately after DNC convention)

Private capital tends to become concentrated in few hands, partly because of competition among the capitalists, and partly because technological development and the increasing division of labor encourage the formation of larger units of production at the expense of smaller ones. The results of these developments is an oligarchy of private capital, the enormous power of which cannot be effectively checked even by a democratically organized political society.

Albert Einstein, 1948

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