Bernie volunteers are arriving in Philly now.
Early volunteers are already here.
We're building civil infrastructure.
Anyone in the world may help, from anywhere.
It's easy to #park and #camp.
We help early volunteers settle in.
To volunteer in Philadelphia, email us:
If you live anywhere on earth,
you may volunteer online - we'll help.
Anyone in the world may join this
peace training group,
working online by conference call 
and MailChimp email newsletters:
Anyone/anywhere may help people
find housing/buses/rideshares.
CLICK/join this online group:
Come to Philadelphia now - early. 

All the Facebook groups are very active.
Many people need help coming to Philly.
Each American city still has Bernie
Facebook and Twitter infrastructure.
Find people online.  Help them.
Blast social media about:
 If you live on East Coast,
come in/out for a day. 
Parking is available near
each SEPTA station, often
with free overnight parking.
The events page is filling up
with meetings happening now.
Peace marshals, non-violence training.
Grassroots meetings - the city is buzzing.
Once in the area, come to the HQ.
131 S. Pemberton Rd.
Pemberton, NJ 08068 
Bernie volunteering, 1962
1st civil rights sit-in protest in the North.
University of Chicago.
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